The Simple Trim Piece That Works So Well


Sometimes unnoticed among the line drawings of cove base, bullnose, and corners representing the Metropolitan Ceramics trim offerings is the Q8485 Transition Tile. That’s a shame, because this versatile 4” x 8” trim should not be overlooked.

The exclusive Q8485 was designed to meet and exceed standards created for the barrier free environment, and the transition piece does just that for areas such as ramps.

But, the transition tile can be used other ways as well, such as when making the transition to carpet from quarry tile or any remodeling use when making the “transition” from a 1/2″ thick tile floor to a thinner material. A door sill is another good example.

Although not its original intention, one of the most effective uses of the Q8485 is as a square drain surround. The transition rises from a 1/4″ rounded edge to a full 1/2″ thickness. This works perfectly when making the slope from field tile to a drain plate and gives a clean finished look to the drain area.

The Q8485 Transition tile is available in all Quarrybasics colors.

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