Not all Shade Variation Tile is the Same!


We have all seen it, the quarry tile floor that is supposed to have a random color range that creates a not so random pattern after the tile is installed – the result of spraying on a flash. Because the spraying process is repeated in the same way over and over to each tile that runs down the production line- each tile has the same amount of shading that is located in the same place on each tile.

That’s a bad thing if the goal is to convey the feeling of natural random shading. And these ‘finishes’ are applied as a separate part of the manufacturing process- as a surface treatment- which means they will likely be prone to wear and discoloration over time.

There is a better way to get the natural look that consumers want- kiln fired flashing. With Metropolitan Ceramics® unglazed quarry tile the random shade variation is created naturally as a part of the firing process in our kilns. Because the flashing is part of firing the product, much as it was in the days of the beehive kilns, the shade variation from tile to tile is completely random. No two flashed pieces will ever look exactly alike. This random coloring creates a truly random floor when installed with a range of dark and light hues within a given color.

All Metropolitan Ceramics® and Down to Earth® shade variation products are manufactured in this way which means the end result will be a natural looking floor that is always pleasing to the eye. And because the shade variation is part of and a result of the firing process- part of the body of the tile- our flashed colors will not easily wear or show traffic patterns.

For a natural looking floor start with a product that has shade variation- naturally.Start your next installation with Metropolitan Ceramics® or Down to Earth® tile.

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