Metropolitan Ceramics and LEED v4


By the fall of 2016, LEED Version4 will be implemented. If they haven’t already, architects will soon begin asking for product information as it relates to meeting this standard. Below is a brief overview of Metropolitan Ceramics and LEED V4.
LEED v4 and Metropolitan Ceramics by credit category


Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction – Metropolitan Ceramics products have a 60+ year lifespan and can last the life of the building.

Product Disclosure {Environmental Product Declarations} – Metropolitan Ceramics has taken part in an industry-wide EPD, available to download

Product Disclosure {Source of Raw Material} – Metropolitan Ceramics products contain pre-consumer recycled waste material. Metropolitan Ceramics products can be reused or salvaged.

Product Disclosure {Material Ingredients} – Metropolitan Ceramics products are fired in kilns at temperatures above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and meet the criteria of inert ceramic material.

Construction and Demolition Waste Management – Metropolitan Ceramics products are inert material after firing and can be reused or reclaimed as fill or road bed material. Sizing of the product is such that there is little job site waste of material.


Low Emitting Materials- Ceramic tile is cited as an “inherent non emitting source” for this credit. Metropolitan Ceramics may be used for this credit without testing.

Construction Indoor Air Quality – Metropolitan Ceramics products are VOC- free and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment – Metropolitan Ceramics products are inert. They are VOC- free and are formaldehyde free.

Thermal Comfort- The thermal mass of Metropolitan products allows them to aid in creating a more consistent indoor environment.

Interior Lighting- Metropolitan Ceramics makes light color quarry tile for both floor and wall use.


Open Space- The durability, freeze/thaw resisting, and slip resisting properties of Metropolitan quarry tile makes it an excellent paving material. The color palette consists of natural earth tones.

Heat Island Reduction- Metropolitan Ceramics makes light color quarry tile. Metropolitan quarry tile is an excellent paving material.


Integrative Process- Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile is part of a flooring installation system, one that has been shown to be extremely durable and low maintenance.


Optimize Energy Performance – The thermal mass of Metropolitan Ceramics products helps in the moderation of indoor temperature swings.

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