XA Abrasive Added to List of Green Squared Certified Products

XA and G2

Since the inception of the ANSI A138.1 Green Squared® multi-attribute sustainability standard for tile and related materials, a variety of Metropolitan Ceramics® products have been third party certified. Now Metropolitan Ceramics’ premier added slip resistance quarry tile – XA Abrasive has three colors added to the list.

Having a product Green Squared certified means not only the product, but the manufacturer has undergone third party scrutiny in a variety of areas related to sustainability. Categories such as product characteristics, manufacturing, end of product life management, corporate governance, and innovation are part of the certification.

Green Squared is widely accepted and having products certified shows an added level of commitment to sustainability. For example, Green Squared products are part of the LEED Pilot Credit for Multi-Attribute Products and materials.

Green Squared also meets requirements in other green building standards including Green Globes, NAHB Green Building Standard, International Green Construction Code, and ASHRAE Standard for High-Performance Green Buildings.

XA Abrasive is a natural fit for this certification because, in addition to meeting all of the requirements of Green Squared, XA is an added slip resistance product. XA Abrasive is manufactured with both a through the body additive and silicon carbide embedded in the surface for a dynamic coefficient of friction ≥ 0.70, well above the industry threshold of 0.42.

Obviously, building occupant welfare is a primary part of any green standard. The fact that a product can both have this certification and perform so well in regards to safety is a significant achievement.

For more information about Green Squared and XA Abrasive, visit the Metropolitan Ceramics website – www.metroceramics.com.

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