Navy Pier

Metropolitan Ceramics® manufactures high quality, unglazed ceramic quarry tile for demanding indoor and outdoor use. The extruded ½ inch thick tiles are offered in a variety of colors, sizes and trim options. Metropolitan products are Green Squared certified, a third party certification covering a variety of environmental attributes.

Metropolitan is the leader in the manufacture of unglazed ceramic quarry tile sold throughout the United States through both a distributor network and through retail sales. Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile is used in a variety of national account chains and has been specified for installations throughout the world. Use Metropolitan Ceramics® for Commercial and Residential Applications.
Locally owned and operated in Canton, Ohio USA, Metropolitan Ceramics® parent company, Ironrock, has been providing quality ceramic products since the late 1800’s, beginning as a paver brick manufacturer. At one time the company was the leading paver brick manufacturer in the world. Building on that tradition, Metropolitan introduced unglazed ceramic quarry tile in the 1970’s. Today Ironrock continues this tradition producing both Metropolitan Ceramics® unglazed ceramic quarry tile and METROBRICK® architectural thin brick.


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