Metropolitan Ceramics® Unglazed Quarry Tile is a product of Ironrock


IRONROCK celebrates well over 140 years in brick and ceramics manufacturing.
IRONROCK is a fifth generation, family-owned brick and ceramic tile manufacturing company located in Canton, Ohio U.S.A. IRONROCK continues to take the lead in providing quality ceramic and brick products for a variety of applications. IRONROCK has built a reputation for a commitment to quality manufacturing and customer service.

Ironrock’s founder, Jacob J. Renkert, started in the brick business in 1866. In the year 1890, the first “Ironrock Street Pavers” were produced in Canton, Ohio (Stark County). This is an area well known for its rich abundance of high quality clays and shales.

Our country’s budding system of roads and highways was rapidly increasing the demand for paving brick nationwide. Metropolitan answered with hard work and swift expansion, becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of paving brick by 1902.

Metropolitan products were specified for many well-known installations including the Lincoln Tunnel and Queens midtown tunnel in New York City, portions of the Lincoln Highway and most notably, the Indy 500 (remember the “Brickyard” name). In fact, IRONROCK(R) block pavers are displayed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

Maintaining this tradition of quality, Metropolitan Ceramics® introduced its 1/2″ thick ceramic tile in the 1970s. Spurred on by the response to the new 1/2″ thick tile, Metropolitan is now recognized as the leading producer of unglazed quarry tile in North America.

The company offers its customers, both in the USA and abroad, exceptional product value. Metropolitan Ceramics was a world leader in the 1890s and continues that tradition on into the 21st Century.


The latest addition to the Ironrock family of fine products. METROBRICK® is an architectural thin brick for use in pre-cast, tilt up, and field applied thin brick applications. METROBRICK(R) offers the aesthetic of full brick with the benefits of a thin brick. METROBRICK(R) can be used for both commercial and residential applications.

Metropolitan Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of unglazed quarry tile in the U.S. Metropolitan is known for producing durable unglazed quarry tile that can stand up to the most demanding treatment indoors and out.

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